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Options12 provides the most innovative online platform for trading using binary options in this fast growing market with smart services. It is headed and operated by not only professional but also dedicated individuals with adequate knowledge in the field of trading. The funds are protected by high quality and updated security measures to assure the safety of the account.

Options 12 conforms operates with extensive customer care and complies with the required standards of binary trading. We aim to empower our clients as they reach their financial goal. The services and products offered by the website are fully accessible to the clients guided by the prescribed conditions.

We strive to meet all the needs of our clients without sacrificing the standards and regulations of the company. We are committed to creating the best, fair and the most reliable online trading platform suitable for all types of traders.

Why Trade With Options12.com?

Options 12 gives you the most efficient online trading platform geared with the advanced technology.

We let our clients know all the all the trading possibilities, including the identification of the asset to buy an option, limitation of investment and the expiration of the option. Options12 makes sure that the clients understand all the risks and the trading activities involved.

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What traders say about us?

  • Binary options trading gives me the best opportunity to earn as I receive high returns on investment within 60 seconds only! It was unbelievable at first, but I guess no one gains without trying. This is the newest trend in trading and I just discovered the reason behind this phenomenon on this broker.

    Bohdan Nazarenko
  • I’m glad I have a chosen the right broker with Options 12! I just love their trading system and software. It was easy to navigate and it makes trading activities worthwhile plus it is the most comfortable one I’ve found.

    Maneesh Kapoor
  • When I started, I thought I was starting all over again. It was just later that I realized that Binary options is just the easiest, improved version and most profitable trading option. With $250 as my initial deposit, I have gained more than I expected.

    Minsuh Ye-won
  • I think the most commendable about Options12 is its trading platform. It is well structured and regulated unlike the other. The trading execution is very fast and smooth and they make every trading activities an experience.

    Domenico Marchetti
  • Since Option12 gives me a lot of assets to trade It showed me how big the market is and how I can earn better and there is no manipulation of prices at all. Overall, I’m impressed how their support handles my concerns every now and then and with the return of investment up to 80 percent.

    Emmanuel Ababio

Options12 is not liable for any loss or damage if anyone in any case or form use the information available in this website such as the financial data, broker’s analysis and/or reviews, etc.. The data presented in this website do not reflect the views and opinions of the company’s owners, employees and or content contributors given the fact that not all the information are published in real time or may not always be necessarily accurate.

Options12 is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or any matters associated with trading binary options and or any related transactions therein.

Options12 contains an extreme level of risks and may result in the loss of all your investment, thus, Binary Options is not recommended for all the investors who can’t afford to lose the money invested in the company. Investors must understand that prior to the decision of trading completely, they (investors) are aware of all the risks involved in Binary Options. The company suggests that they must seek for an independent and trustworthy financial advisor before entering into an agreement.

Options12.com is a trading brand powered by Trade12 which is owned and operated by UK Company Global Fin Services Limited (Reg. No: 09836699) operation address Tomimae 5, Tallinn 10145, Estonia.